“‘It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.’ ”  Luke 15:32.

Ever feel lost? I do every once in a while. For instance, I just wrote a completely different devo because I didn’t look at the directions for this one. Oh well! Guess that means I have another devo for another time.

Sometimes we get lost because we refuse to look at the directions. Sometimes we get lost because no one gave us any directions. Then there’s the times when we just look up one day and realize that we have no idea where we are. No idea how we got here. And even less of an idea how to get back home.

What’s interesting about the Lost parables of Luke 15, is that the focus really isn’t on those who are lost. Even the parable of the lost son, is really about the Father more than it is about the son. These parables aren’t about the lost ones; they are about the one who is looking for the lost ones. And of course the parties that get thrown when He finds them.

And those parties aren’t to be overlooked either. They are real tangible ways that Jesus expresses how much God cares for his lost sheep. He knows that we aren’t worth much of anything. Sin made sure of that. But He still cares for us.

Sometimes that care is expressed in different ways though. Sometimes He cares for us like He does the coin or the sheep. He comes looking for us. Other times He cares for us like He does His son, and lets us wander around a bit on our own before coming back.

I don’t know what kind of lost you are. For that matter you might not be lost at all. Maybe you’re the elder brother in the parable of the lost son, and you’re just wondering when your brother is going to come to his senses and come help you and your father out.

It doesn’t really matter which of parables fit you best though. What matters is that they are all expressing the same truth. They are all expressing a truth that the Cross expresses as well. That truth, is that God will pursue you and find you.

Jesus came all the way down here to earth, pursuing His lost brothers and sisters. He came all this way to find you, and save you. And that’s exactly what He did. He found you, and you were on a one-way street to Hell. If He hadn’t come, He would have lost us to death.

So He ran ahead of us, and turned death into the bridge between this life and eternity. We no longer have to fear being lost in death. We know that death will simply bring us right into His embrace. We are no longer lost. We have been found. We have been rescued.

Of course we’re still confused, so sometimes we go off trying to find our own way without realizing that Jesus has already found us. Sometimes we try to run away from the way that Jesus found for us. Other times we try to run too quickly towards death, because we know what lies on the other side.

These are all mistakes. Ways that we try to get ourselves lost again. The good news, is that Jesus will hunt you down again. He will continue to pursue you until He finds you. You can trust Him to do that, and you can trust him to take care of you when He does. After all, who better to trust, than the man who died on a Cross, just to find you and bring you home?



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